Do you need a workspace, a place for your meetings, a place to telecommute? We have solutions for entrepreneurs and business people with coworking spaces and individual rooms.
Print Center Your always existing printing centre in Corralejo, now located at Calle Juan Sebastián Elcano 12. Communications All telecommunications services. Do you need to contract fibre to go? A prepaid card? A portability? Personalised attention in our offices.
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Working in Corralejo since 2011 responding to the demands of the telecommunications sector by offering a fast, economical and quality service.

Renewing ourselves and adapting to the circumstances, proof of which is the creation of a coworking space with affordable prices and personalised attention.


Coworking Spaces

We have customised solutions for entrepreneurs and professionals who do not want to have the expense of a permanent premises, who only need a laptop, telephone and a good internet connection.

Print Center

Printing, copying, binding, laminating, scanning. Everything related to the world of copying. We are the same as always but in new premises.


From managing a registration or portability, recharging a mobile phone, renting a router, installing fibre at home. Personalised service with an infinite number of national and international companies.


We have workstations for whatever you need: Checking e-mails, doing office work or simply surfing the net.

Photo Printing

Specialising in printing services in all sizes and formats. If you are thinking of giving souvenirs, we can help you make it perfect.


Do you need a sworn translation or an appointment with a public administration? We have an external service specialised in all those procedures that can be complicated.

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What is Coworking?
Coworking spaces are shared offices where freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs come together to work, and where the managers of the space try to connect and create professional and personal opportunities between and for its members. Most of them are professionals who need nothing more than a laptop, a phone and a good internet connection to do their work.

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